Leverage Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing is the science of influencing buyers by understanding how consumers' brains function to make decisions. The truth is that most consumers cannot tell you what makes them choose between two similar products or services. Neuromarketing turns marketing into science and uses brain scanning and other factors like eye movement to determine motivation, preference, and decisions without the consumer consciously realizing it. The results are incorporated into advertising, new products, pricing, and other forms of marketing to consumers.

Many large corporations use neuromarketing to create highly effective advertising campaigns—for example, PayPal invested in a study on consumer preferences for speed over safety and simplicity. The results showed them that their marketing needed to be centered around the speed of PayPal transactions, not the ease of use or the safety and privacy features.

Only big enterprises used to invest in these kinds of studies. However, with the information we have available online, smaller businesses can take advantage of some of the most common neuromarketing tricks to benefit their marketing strategy and gain more customers.

Play Into Scarcity

Scarcity messages are everywhere and convey that if the person does not act right now, they will miss out, even if they think they don't need the product or service. Take Amazon Prime Day, for example. The entire event is centered on having limited offers available, and it's first-come, first-serve. As an added touch, Prime members get better deals and it encourages those not Prime members to sign up.

Colors Matter

Did you know that colors have meanings? Red is bold and passionate and can stir an appetite, whereas green is balanced and fresh. Blue is dependable. Purple is considered creative and gives off a royal feeling. Think of the companies that incorporate specific colors into their branding and why, and then choose colors for your brand that invoke the thoughts or feelings you want to be associated with it. The right color combination will help to convey messages to potential customers better.

Pull Statistics Whenever You Can

Which sentence sounds more convincing?

  1. This all-purpose cleaner wipes away messes better than any other brand.

  2. Our floor cleaner cleans up messes 22% more efficiently with 13.5% better sanitation than the leading brand.

Numbers always add a sense of trustworthiness to a statement. Therefore, providing statistics is essential, especially in digital marketing, where a generic message is easily lost in the sea of noise. Use this neuromarketing tactic to give your message a better chance of interacting.

Be a Problem Solver

The saying goes, "sell the sizzle, not the steak"; this means to sell the value and benefit of a product or service, not the features that it possesses. Let's face it, most products and services in the same category are all like each other. So what's going to make yours better than everyone else's? If you solve the right pain points, customers will flock to your product over competitors.

Design Content for Scanners

Readers often scan information to pick out the essential parts. So it's crucial to design and write easily scannable content. Take this article, for example; wouldn't it be exhausting to read if all the paragraphs were crammed together with no headers? We designed this so that you could quickly scroll and look for information relevant to YOU. Do the same for customers!

The easiest way to create scannable content is to:

Break up paragraphs into essential blocks
Add headers and sub-headers
Emphasize the parts of the piece that you want the most attention on by changing the color, making it bold or italic, or increasing the size.

The possibilities with the use of neuromarketing tactics and its benefits on your marketing strategy are endless. Not sure where to start? Connect with us and we can help you determine the goals you have for your business and start incorporating subtle changes to grab attention to your brand!